About Us


Who Are We?


We're a new small business based out of Phoenix AZ. U.S.A.

I (C.E.O. Vesna S.) was born in Serbia and came to America when I was about 18. And I have been calling America home sweet home since then. I have not been back to Serbia but might visit some day with my family. Regardless America is now my home today and forever. I am the mother of two boys and I'm happily married to my husband who has my products on his car.


What Do We Offer?


Check out our TIRE-BLING options in Red, White,

Blue, Yellow (more options to come) and add some BLING to your naked tires. We will be adding more colors in the future but as I have mentioned we are a very small business. It will take me some hard work and effort to continue to grow but that is the plan (You can find a little more info on future plans on our "DONATE" page that only registered customers have access to.).

Help support a small local Phoenix business and add some BLING to your tires, after all it's illegal to be in naked public , so 





Authorized Dealer



We love to meet and see our customers personal builds.

But we're also avid car enthusiasts ourselves.

Remember the tires have to be cleaned very well.

Prep takes time and putting the ink also, but only if you want it to last along time and look good of course. More info about proper prep can be found on our "HOW TO PREP" page.